Why hybrids matter

A hybrid vehicle simply has more than one distinct power source to move it. The 2000 Honda Insight was the first hybrid available in the United States. Prior to that, mainstream vehicles were fueled by gasoline or diesel. The option of a hybrid car or truck has now captivated America’s attention, but there is still some reservation about breaking out of our comfortable norms.


The 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid combines a robust gasoline engine with a clean running electric motor, to reduce emissions and improve fuel consumption. Let’s take a look at why a vehicle like the Accord matters – to your image, pocketbook, family, and global living space.


Appearance isn’t compromised. Honda creates hybrids that are virtually identical in outward appearance and interior fit and finish to their single-fuel counterparts. You get the benefits of a hybrid without giving up a bit of flash.


Safety and comfort aren’t compromised, either. Honda hybrids have the same interior luxuries and safety features as non-hybrids, plus they run super smooth and quiet. The shift between gas and electric power is seamless, and the battery continuously recharges as you drive.


You will save money on gas, every week. Nick Sherman, Internet Sales Manager at Dean Honda says, “With the Accord Hybrid’s 47 combined (city and highway) mpg rating, customers who drive about 15,000 a year save over $500 annually. That’s an extra $40 or more in your pocket each month.”


You will qualify for tax incentives – a federal tax credit in 2013 of up to $7,500 when you purchase a hybrid. You may be eligible for additional state and local clean fuel enticements, too.


Hybrids are affordable. While the up front cost is a little higher than a gas-powered vehicle, that margin is shrinking. And with a reliable car that looks stylish and lasts many years, the difference is amortized over a longer period of time. “Our pricing is very competitive, and the average Honda owner keeps a vehicle longer than owners of any other brand,” says Dan Zediker, New Car Operations Manager. “With fuel savings and tax breaks, hybrids make financial sense in the long term.”


You are helping to preserve the environment. Hybrids not only get better mileage, they also produce about 90 percent less tailpipe emissions than a similar gas-powered vehicle. That means doing your part toward reduced dependency on fossil fuels and cleaner air, now and into the future.


You set a great example for your kids. It’s easy to talk about making the world a better place for their generation, but driving an eco-friendly car is daily evidence of your commitment. It speaks louder to them than words.


You’ll roll in good company. There’s a definite coolness quotient to driving an ecologically responsible vehicle. Just ask Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Larry David, Ryan Gosling, and Will Ferrell; celebs who are all proud of their hybrids.


Gas-electric hybrids do matter. They instill a sense of doing the right thing and caring, bringing our global society just a little closer for all the right reasons.

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