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Top ten reasons to buy a new Honda now

Who can resist allure of a new vehicle purchase? Excitement in researching the latest models online. Rerouting your daily commute to cruise by the local dealership. The gleam of new paint and the smell of an interior that hasn’t yet known a spill or a pet. The intrigue of working out a favorable deal. Most of all, that feeling of perfect union when you sink into a comfortable cockpit that whispers, “I am you. You are me. Together we will take on the world.”

A new car every other year used to be a big part of the American dream; an indication of personal success; a tangible reward for job dedication and sensible finance. Today most vehicles are built to last longer and our economy demands a few more years from the investment. But there are some good reasons to think about upgrading your ride now, and some great reasons to consider a Honda.

10. Peace of mind

The average cost of an unexpected car repair is now close to $1,000 – more for engine or transmission fixes. Since most car owners don’t set money aside for this purpose, that’s a real budget surprise. A breakdown is also a major inconvenience and potential safety issue. New Hondas typically carry a minimum 3 year/36,000 mile bumper to bumper and 5 year/60,000 mile drive train warranty, with higher options available. That is automotive peace of mind. If your car is in need of a major repair, or soon will be, the money might be better put toward a new model.

9.  Cost-effective operation

If you are driving a larger, older vehicle, you could cut your annual fuel bill in half by upgrading to a newer, fuel-efficient model. For example, the popular Honda Accord is rated at 36 MPG highway. With hybrid and natural gas options, you could save even more. Honda scheduled maintenance costs are nominal.

8.  Interest rates are still favorable

Bank automotive interest rates are holding steady and still well under five percent in most cases, for short or longer terms. Honda offers even more attractive financing for qualified buyers.

7.  Economical to insure

Of course insurance rates depend in part on your personal characteristics, lifestyle, and driving habits. But thanks to safety standards among the highest in the industry and easy availability of replacement parts, Honda owners save money on insurance.

6.  Big government tax credits

In recent years, Uncle Sam has introduced a number of tasty tax credits (up to $7,500!) to nudge buyers toward newer vehicles with improved fuel efficiency. Take advantage of this benefit if you like the idea of a hybrid, gas-electric, alternative fuel, or plug-in vehicle. This isn’t a tax deduction – it is the equivalent of cash back when you buy green.

5.  Manufacturer incentives

New car incentives can be significant. Honda frequently runs programs like $500 bonus cash in your pocket with a new purchase.

4.  New technologies

A new car isn’t only fun and fuel-efficient. It also protects you and the ones you love with features like stability control, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, rear-view camera, improvement in breaking technology, and much more. Honda leads the way in innovative performance, comfort, and safety features.

3.  Built to last

With conscientious maintenance you can expect a new car to last way past the magic 100,000 mile mark. A well-built new Honda could be in your garage for a decade –

250,000 miles or more – unheard of with older models.

2.  Options

The Honda line now includes 11 base models including compact, luxury, cross-over, SUV, mini-van, and truck. Each offers a wide variety of choices in fit and finish, fuel options, and upgrades. There is truly a Honda for every driving style and situation.

And the number one reason to buy a new Honda now . . .

1.  A history of quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction

Since 1963 Honda has produced engines that perform and last; from small, durable workhorses like the F22, to the high-performance VTEC. J. D. Power and Associates gives Honda high ranking for mechanical reliability and long-term dependability. Honda customer satisfaction is legendary and it proves out regularly in independent surveys. Honda owners keep their cars longer than average, and are likely to continue to buy the brand. They even have their own website (!